Pinga | Bajirao Mastani | by Master Santosh's students

Submitted by Santosh Konathala SK , on 08/11/2016

Class... Indian Dance
Movie Name... Bajirao Mastani
Song name... Pinga


Master Santosh
Choreographer / Dance Instructor

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... was a childhood dancer and took dance as my profession in 2000 with support of my family and guidance from Master Vijay (my blood brother).

I have done hundreds of dance shows / performances all over Andhra Pradesh and across India. I was also the winners of many TV shows organized by major TV channels like Gemini TV, MAA TV, ETV Telugu and Zee Telugu under Vijay Dance Group and Institutions, which has instructed a lot of students in India as well as overseas. I started my own career in 2008 by giving dance classes in in Vietnam. After 3 years' teaching in Vietnam, I moved on to continue my profession in Hong Kong in 2011. In 2015, I have moved back to Vietnam and am now instructing various dance styles in Vietnam.

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