Jaani Tera Naa | @SunandaSharma | @Bollywhack @KumariSuraj | @MTooray on Dhol

Submitted by Kumari Suraj , on 07/11/2018

New fun Bollywhack class video from Spain, LA & London! Thank you to everyone who has supported the movement thus far. Special thank you to The Bollywood Co. for bringing fresh opportunities to Bollywhack. Have you signed up for the summer Bollywhack intensive yet?
Less than 2 weeks away:

New York July 20th-22nd
Los Angeles August 3rd-5th
Spain September 7th-9th

Choreography + Video Edit: @KumariSuraj
Live DHOL : Malinder Tooray @M2ray5
Camera: @FDmedia_ @KumariSuraj @TheBollywoodCo
Graphic Design : @Hromerodesign

Join the "Waacking Wednesday" class every week 7:30pm at West Coast Dance Theater. North Hollywood
"Bollywhack was created by Kumari Suraj in 2009. It is a fusion of Indian culture and Waacking culture. Bollywhack perfectly blends Pop, Classical and Folk music along with dance styles from Kumari’s South Asian Desi roots plus the LGBTQ Disco styles of Punking and Whacking. This cross cultural connection is a seamless union of powerful arms, elegant hands gestures, exotic poses and storytelling facial expressions.

The success story is evident. Within 4 short months of it’s 2016 relaunch; Bollywhack reached over 1 million views on social media. Promoting and representing this movement with Kumari is the House of Suraj Collective, who she personally trains and mentors in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Russia and the US.

House of Suraj, made huge strides for WOMEN Empowerment and the LGBTQ awareness movement in India by performing on the #1 hit dance reality series called, Dance Plus Season 3. For 4 months the House of Suraj dazzled a global Indian audience of 1 billion viewers in 150+ countries with their Waacking & Bollywhack storytelling that made the world instant fans!

House of Suraj, received critical acclaim from many of Bollywood's A-list actors, producers & choreographers such as: Shah Rukh Khan, Remo DSouza, Govinda, Jacqueline Fernandez, Farah Khan, Prabu Deva, Kangana Ranaut and more. Bollywhack has become a new trend in the commercial industry and dance institutions worldwide.

The popularity of this style has raised many conversations about the origin of Waacking and the acceptance of India's own queer and female powered communities.

Kumari Suraj created Bollywhack as a way of connecting more to her Desi heritage. Now Bollywhack has created a bridge between female and queer LGBTQ communities with the homophobic/gynophobic Indian Diaspora across the world.

It raised a lot of questions for people there - "Like where does Waacking come from?" "What is queer?" "Is it ok?" "Is my kid queer?" "What can I do to empower my daughter?" "How can I let her express herself in a strong healthy way?" Bollywhack isn't just a cultural fusion of dance it's also the LGBTQ+ inclusion into the Indian community.

There are many undiscovered similarities between Indian dance and the Queer dance styles of Punking & Waacking that haven't been explored until now. This is just the beginning.

2018 launches the first Bollywhack Teacher Certification (BTC) program in the world that successfully integrates American street dance and Indian traditional dance together while maintaining and honoring both cultural traditions and ideologies. Bridging the gap for unrelated communities to foster communication and understanding."

- Bollywhack