#iamgirlrising Resham and Sruthi 'Senior Farewell'

Submitted by reshampuja20 , on 09/14/2015
We feel very strongly about this empowering campaign, I am Girl Rising. We take our education and our freedom for granted. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are when it comes to these matters. In many societies, girls are frowned upon and degraded being coined "a burden on families." Girls are stopped from pursuing education as they need to prepare for their "appropriate" lives- domestic lives: cleaning, cooking, having and raising children. We, men and women alike, must come together to raise a voice on behalf of these less fortunate girls. We must stand up for them so that they may pursue further education and step away from the stereotype- girls are only good for domestic jobs. Every girl deserves dignity, respect and the right to education. We are GIRL RISING. Choreography: Resham and Sruthi Manwa Laage Choreography Inspired by Naina and Manpreet Performed for an assembly bidding farewell to high school seniors as they embark on their new journey- college.