Hymn For The Weekend | Beyonce & ColdPlay | BollyWhack | House of Suraj | India

Submitted by Kumari Suraj , on 05/02/2016
19K VIEWS in 24HRS on FB!! FULL VIDEO LINK ON FACEBOOK: Direction & Edit: Kumari Suraj Assistant Direction on location: House of Suraj Calcutta HOS Members: Mehkola Bose @Mehkolabose |WaackPack Sangram Mukhopadhyay @Sangram2194 |WaackPack Calcutta Camera Work Abhishek Bhatia ||@abhishek.bhatia1 [email protected] Assisted by: Sambo Mukhopadhyay Mumbai HOS Members: Tejasvi Patil @Tejasvi_tee_j |F.A.M.O.U.S Crew Ambarin Amb Kadri @Bgirl_AmB | Roc Fresh Crew Mumbai Camera Work Kunal Bhanushali @Kunal.19 Hiren Bhanushali @Hirenbhanushalui13 Ujwal Gupta @Ujwal.g Shubhankar gawade Nita @Shubhankar_1994 Los Angeles | Kumari Suraj | The Whackers Camera Work: Jon Jimenez @JonGifted Clothing: Manshaa Obsession Styling : Bilal Hussain Kazimov Portland, Oregon | Kumari Suraj Camera Work: Jay Buezo @jabnmar www.jabnmar.com Makeup: Marjorie Livingston @LoveCell | @AnastasiaBeverlyHills TSHIRT CAMPAIGN LINK: This Tshirt Campaign was created to do one of two things. The main goal, to bring 5 budding artists from India's street dance community to train, perform and create video content for social media in the United States, Summer 2017. This 5 member artist collective is known as the House of Suraj. If the group fundraising goals are not reached by January 2017, the group's founder and mentor, Kumari Suraj, will use the funds raised to return to India with 1-2 professional dancer(s) in order to train the group and aid in further development of the street dance community in India. Thank you Cold Play & Beyonce for creating a beautiful collaboration that has given us endless inspiration. We hope everyone enjoys our expression. Love, House of Suraj, India's Whacking family!