Ghoomar | House of Suraj LA

Submitted by Kumari Suraj , on 05/16/2018
New Bollywhack Video. Editing green screen is no joke!!

Introducing the new House of Suraj Los Angeles Chapter! Ghoomar was a really fun project with these artists. Creating this video was part of the audition process for the new HOS LA chapter members.

Waacking and Bollywhack are difficult dance styles. The HOS ladies did their best with a style that’s been completely new to them. The Ghoomar video is just the beginning and it’s a wonderful start.

House of Suraj
Kumari Suraj
Abhilasha Jain
Shannon D’Souza
Shayan Chalan
Danish Bhandara
Bonie Schiffman
Radhika Patel

Special Guests:
Ridyma Ridy
Natasha Nazerali

Choreography, Direction, Post Production: @KumariSuraj
Choreography Assistant: Daron Day Day Bell @Iamdayday
Camera: Meena Sohi @meen_diz
Makeup: Mariel Villalon @marielvillalon
Props: Synx Events
Jewelry: @PinkDishJewels

**Special Thanks to the Maheshwari family of Hyderabad for teaching me so much about Rajasthani culture and dance. And for welcoming me as family.

Dedicated to my Grandfather Lohar-Singh who was born in Rajasthan.

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