#Desigirlchant song by @Kumari Suraj lyrics x freestyle dance video featuring @houseofsuraj

Submitted by Kumari Suraj , on 02/05/2020

#Desigirlchallenge I am making music ya'll! Giving $100 plus a feature in the OFFICIAL music video for the best online videos to this track. DEADLINE MARCH 1st
Wanna learn the lyrics to my song? I made this new track highlighting some of the wonderful things I love about Indian womyn; of all forms of femininity. This song is a bop for all cultures and all people! We want to see your dance videos to my song! ALL DANCE STYLES.

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House of Suraj Members dancing
Neha @Neha_nene
Ayushi @ayushi_famouscrew
Tejasvi @tee_j_famouscrew
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