"Aaja"- A Bollycirque Show Teaser

Submitted by Karmagraphy , on 11/11/2016

Karmagraphy presents "Aaja" a Bollycirque Show created by Kavita Rao. It's only the beginning...

"Aaja" is a creation from Director, Kavita Rao, that flawlessly combines Bollywood, cirque, and contemporary styles into an intriguing and beautifully told story. "Aaja" was made to be a full length live entertainment show for a large scale production. Keep an eye out for our full length trailer dropping soon!

Executive Producer - Kavita Rao
Director, Editor - Nathan Kim
Producer - Ricki Quinn

Cinematographer - Kevin Lawrence
Gaffer - Matthew Hardsty
PAs - James Werbe, Morgan McDonald, Jasmynn Roman

Set-design - Dylan Stein
Script: Samantha Becker

Make-Up/Hair - Dolled Up By LuLu Team
Lead : Lulu Nguyen
Janet Hernandez
Raquel Camarena
Karolynn Carbajal
Denise Badillo
Catrina Cimarusti

Henna Artist - Neha Assar
Wardrobe - Frontier Heritage
Sylist- Jacob Magana
Editorial Photographer - Braja Mandala
BTS Photographer - Sammi Trauben

Lead: Meredith Ostrowsky
Indian Woman: Kavita Rao
Ballerina: Ashley Smith
Snake/Contortion: Tina Phoenix
Models: Sarah Chavez, Natalie Williams, Neel Trikha
Fire Performers: Kelsie Koziol, Michelle Marx
Aerialists: Antonio Martinez, Angela Bergamo, Anthony Gonzalez, Natalie Williams
Dancers: JM Rodriguez, Arody Trujillo, Antonio Martinez, Anthony Gonzalez, Jacob Magana, Suzie Elias, Angela Bergamo, Manon Chaney, Rebecca Mansueto, Sarah Chavez, Michelle Marx, Taylor Thompson