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Isa Bella

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 06:08

The World of Critical Role is a non-fiction book written by the cast of Critical Role and Liz Marsham and is based on the web series. The World of Critical Role will be released on September 15 and will be based on the hit series of Critical Role. The fans are well aware that Critical Role was published on March 12 in the year 2015 and the American web series follows a group of voice actors who are professionals and are playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The show started streaming as the first campaign of the cast of Critical Role in March 2015, and it was 115 episodes long. The campaign two was streamed in January in the year 2018, and the episodes of the show are still ongoing in the year 2020. The cast also owned the studio with the same name of  Critical Role, and the studio has produced Talks machine and Critical Role.


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