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Fri, 10/04/2019 - 05:38

Hot stone massage comes from tribal rituals practiced by American Indians. However, it cannot be said with certainty whether the Indians were the first to use stones as therapy. People knew about the beneficial effect of precious stones in massages 5,000 years ago. Massages, performed using warm stones or applying precious stones to the body, were already popular with the ancient Incas, Mayans, Mesopotamia, India, China, Hawaii. Smooth basalt pebbles from sea depths saturated with salt and sea minerals are used for stimulating full body massages and healing rituals. These, in combination with heat, have beneficial effects on body and soul. Hot stone massage is one of the most pleasant ways of massage that you can experience. Lava stones accumulate heat and at the same time release some metal anions that contribute to accelerate tissue regeneration. Lava stones have an extremely strong energy vibration. This feature is used to remove the blocking of important points on meridians and the flow of energy in our body. Exotic aromatic oils are used to enhance the effect, enhancing the feeling of complete relaxation and relaxation.

Magic hot stones stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system, deeply relaxes and harmonises the body, warms the whole body, helps detoxify the body and also balances the energy in the body. It further strengthens the immune system, reduces climacteric problems, speeds up metabolism and regulates fluid retention in the body. This massage relieves the pain of the locomotive apparatus and regenerates the body after a sports load. The heat coming from volcanic stones and special massage techniques perfectly relax the body and mind, wash away stress and tension.

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