Bollyshakers Spread #WeDreamWeRise with Girl Rising India

Imagining a world where Indian families dream big for their daughters, Bollyshake teamed up with global charity Girl Rising India to spotlight a series of fierce female dancers who share their dreams with hashtag #WeDreamWeRise.

Varun J.

Posted on: Mon, 11/07/2016 - 19:44

How different would lives be for girls, and their families if they were given opportunities in equal measure? How far would they dream? What heights would they scale? And how would it impact our society as a whole?

Planting these questions in the minds of our audiences, Girl Rising India’s campaign inspires people (fathers, brothers, mothers, community leaders) to dream as big for India’s girls as they do for their boys. Bollyshake encourages dancers from around the world to share their dreams on social media with #WeDreamWeRise!

To learn more about this incredible cause, visit Girl Rising India

Manpreet Toor


"For as long as I can remember my dream has always been to follow my heart, whether that be in dance, school, or any other passion. I want to make sure that anything I do, I do it for my own happiness and not for others. Dreams are possible if we believe in them :) AND I DO!"

Poonam & Priyanka Shah


"We want to inspire others, encouraging creativity and diversity through dance. Honored to be highlighted on Bollyshake to rep the South Asian dance community, and we hope to encourage others to follow their passion and see where life takes them, just as we did! Be focused and stay humble. Much love!"

Shereen Ladha


"I have a belief that we are measured by the impact we have on others. I dream of working in a world where we don't tear each other down as a s result of our own insecurities and feelings of being threatened by the perception of a limited number of opportunities, but where we act like a community, a collective, and build each other up. As one of the pioneers of the online Bollywood dance movement, I've seen the growth of the community and know the potential we have to start a real change in the way society looks at Bollywood dance. We have the potential to create the opportunities that are now lacking - but we have to do it together."

Leena Patel


"As South Asians we are encouraged to take an active interest in academia and opt for a more lucrative career other than the ‘taboo’ arts and entertainment sector. Vis-a-Vis, what once started as a passion or hobby is quickly phased out by an overwhelming commitment to study as outlined by our respected elders.

I want to help encourage young women of today by giving them insight into other options and to make this a viable route for them. I want to create a platform in the UK where they will be able to progress in respectable and well-rounded artistic careers; to be able to excel as leaders in a male-predominant industry and take on hierarchy roles such as producers and directors. What has traditionally been considered inappropriate etiquette for females will soon be overridden with equality, validating the world of arts as an adequate way of life for all. I want to eradicate nepotism and allow parents to see this as a reputable career and to encourage their children to follow their passion and pursue the arts. 

Allow your daughters to dream without limitations and help them to rise to achieve these dreams."

Shivani Bhagwan


""Divide, Conquer, Succeed" The three words my Dad drilled in me from day 1. Live those words with no fear and you will be unstoppable.  I live my dream everyday by trying something that truly scares me, because at the end of the day I really had nothing to lose in the first place. If fear takes over, know that's it's okay to ask for help.  Supporting each other to grow as artists is so important, especially in a world that seems so critical at times. My dream is to continue to live life with no fear.  When things get tough, grab your person, ask for help, and push through. My person is Chaya Kumar."

Richa Shukla


"I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been given the personal freedom and support of my loved ones, local community and society to actively pursue my dreams of being an artist. Both dancing and acting have been my dreams since I was a little girl. I am forever grateful to my parents who have always supported, encouraged and inspired me to follow my passions and be who I want to be. My ultimate dream is to be able to be a part of something bigger than myself--and through the arts be able to help bring awareness, healing, love and light into my community and this world. My wish is that every girl and boy in this world has the same access and right to education as well as whatever else they are passionate about, so that they too can do whatever and be whoever they want to. I strongly believe that we can all only be happy when every single person in our community and world is happy, and that can only happen when there is a true sense of equality and freedom for every living being."

Neelam Patel


"Growing up, we are trained to be well-rounded, excelling in all areas and cautiously planning. There comes a point in our life where we are expected to drop the things we enjoy, to pursue what society "expects" from us. It's easy to get swallowed into a life where there isn't time for the things or people you love. 

I hope to inspire young women in believing that they don't have to choose. Never forfeit your passions and hobbies. Never let anyone tell you it's time to "give it up". Never stop dreaming. Life is too short."

Elif Khan


"Well, I just want to live a blissful life and especially to see my beloved ones happy.

I want EVERYONE have equal rights. Everyone has the right to do what they want without ASKING anyone, without getting judged. We all have the right to chase our dreams without owing others any explanation but never forget, we don't have the right to harm anyone by making our dreams come true. It would be wonderful if the war all over the world would end.

If we would start understanding each other, stop hating each other, stop judging each other, if we would stop getting jealous of each other and focus on ourselves only then life would definitely become a colourful place. We should focus on our own interests and love our work, this is success. If you're happy then you have a successful life. There are so many "successful" people though something is missing in their life, happiness. So we all should focus on what makes us happy, chase our dreams only and not the dreams of anyone else.

The only thing I want is staying happy because happiness is the key for a good life. The only thing I want is respect, admission, peace and understanding. As I always try to understand other people's decision, that's how we all can go on and live a fair life. I see everyone as a family member that's why I can't insult anyone.

I wish I could help the deserving poor, that's my wish because our world will become a better place if "everyone" would start helping others.

Making everyone happy is my success, it's the best kind of success. I would never be happy by seeing my beloved ones unhappy. Living free, without any problems and without difficulty.

I love sharing my passion with everyone. It would be worth inspiring even one person with my work. I appreciate every single supporter and my dream is to live in a better world, in a peaceful world."

Kajal Desai


"I grapple with the shame of failure often but am pushing myself to focus not on what wasn't done but on the fact that I took the risk to dream...dream BIG. No matter what the outcome may bring we all have to continue trying. We all have to continue to live out the dreams we see worth living out. I must reflect what I want my son to know and see regarding women. He will grow up knowing girls are strong, able, confident people bringing dreams to reality."

Ridy Sheikh


"From the day when I got to know about “Girls Rising” (thanks to, I was amazed by the goals and determination of this project. And here comes their new inspiring campaign #WeDreamWeRise, for which I can probably do something.

My goal is to inspire and motivate people. I want to spark hope in those who have given up on their dreams (because of their life experiences). I had to overcome some challenges and obstacles in life which might be inspirational. And if I can inspire with the life I have lived, Ill feel I have spent my life with a purpose. I have had this project on my mind for last 4-5 years. In future, I will definitely build up an organization that will provide affordable and high quality education for children in artistic field with focus on dance, singing, acting, playing musical instruments, painting and so on. My aim is to provide this free of cost for children. There are a lot of talents who cannot explore opportunities due to financial constraints. Especially it is important for South Asian countries like my parental homeland Bangladesh. I was born and raised in Russia where I had many opportunities to develop my talents. I was also lucky to get support from my family, especially from my mother in everything I do. But not everyone is so lucky and I believe it is my duty to give back as much as I can. So, I wish one day my experience in artistic field as well as my education and determination can help some children. I want to deliver people the simple truth of success - if you really want to be a part of something great, or you want to make something great from the bottom of your heart and you are ready to work hard for that – then no matter what happens and how long it takes, you will achieve success. Due to some circumstances in my life few years ago, I was completely lost. Dancing always was (and still) my therapy, however at that time I couldn’t even dance due to a severe knee injury. It felt like everything was against me and I was depressed. That was a horrible time. But one day I opened messages and positive comments which I got from fans and realized I wasn’t born to waste my life. I shouldn’t give up on my dreams and my goals so easily. Then step by step I started to rise again. I couldn’t dance properly sometime, so I focused on other activities. Now I have a degree in economics with distinction. From the 3rd year in university I started working and became a recruiter. At the same time, I continued with artistic career and got into media by participating in TV shows and stage shows in Ukraine and Russia. I had the privilege to work with many popular artists in Russia and CIS countries. Alongside this, I built up my crew of dancers for giving dance classes and workshops. Last year, I realized that I am ready for something bigger! In just 2-3 weeks, I left my usual day to day life in Moscow and moved to Bangladesh to participate in a dance reality show. I was crazy enough to move to absolutely unknown place where I didn’t know anyone. I won the competition with two broken toe fingers. Thereafter I starred in several telefilms At the same time I do my own dance videos that are getting huge response even from Bollywood with thousands and millions views on youtube and facebook. I couldn’t imagine something any of just a year ago? Or 4 years ago when I was suffering from depression?

Never, never, never give up. Dream, set goals and work hard. Believe in yourself and be ambitious. Only your dreams and goals can make you the best version of yourself and pick you up to the places which you cannot imagine!"

Deepa Iyengar


"My dream is to have a voice that can inspire and influence people in bettering themselves as well as the world we live in. While we strive for improvement in our livee, we must stay humble. Humility doesn't mean lack of confidence. One must have self-pride and confidence in order to prevail and rise. Rise high not in your ego, but in your path to enlightenment and happiness.

With those concluding words, I would like to thank the team of Bollyshake for having picked me to feature my message in an initiative to inspire and represent the South Asian community at large."


For more information: Girl Rising India